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Troubleshooting / Training

Lost Coast Computing staff has taught introductory Computer Science courses at the community college level. These classes focused on an introduction to the internet (primarily browsing and email) and training in the use of MS Office programs Word, Excel, Powerpoint and a brief conceptual overview relational databases using Access.

These resources are still available to you through Lost Coast Computing. Yet, in many cases it is more cost effective -- for both client and provider -- to simply allow Lost Coast Computing to trouble shoot a particular problem or reconfigure your software either in person, with a visit to your location, or remotely using remote access software to access your computer from our offices.

Using remote access we can see exactly what is happening on your computer. We can either coach you through the necessary steps to resolve your problem yourself or we can take control of the cursor and trouble shoot remotely while you watch each step we take on your machine. Or perhaps more to your liking -- while you focus on other needed tasks in your business or personal life.

For more information call 707 / 932-5221 between 9am and 4pm most weekdays.

Or email Lost Coast Computing at lcc@lostcoast.net.


707 / 932-5221