Lost Coast Computing



Project Implementation

The Project Implementation phase begins when the technical aspects of the site are complete and functional: your graphics complete, web pages written, coded, and uploaded to the server, and the interactive portions of your site installed and functioning. Our concern at this point in the website development process is to provide you with the technical support services you need to manage, update, and promote your website.  

We provide these services in several  ways. 

  • Lost Coast can manage your site directly from our computers, allowing you and your staff to focus on running your business. 
  • Or we can provide hardware, software, procedures, and training in the skills necessary to for you or your staff to manage your website within your existing organizational structure.  
  • Of course we can also customize a site promotion, development, and maintenance solution, targeted at your objectives, that supplements your strengths with our services.

Technical Support
We can install and configure the website development, and site maintenance tools necessary to manage your implementation strategy.

We specify workflows, job responsibilities, and procedures that assist your staff in maximizing the capacity of your website investment to meet your organzational objectives.  We train your staff in the software and organizational procedures necessary to manage, update, and promote your site.