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Internet Project Planning

If you already have a clear statement of purpose for your website, and a clear concept of how your internet project integrates available technical resources with your organizational objectives, you can skip this page and go directly to our Website Development page.  If you already have website and want to use our services to improve its effectiveness in meeting your objectives, check out our Project Implementation page.

A Clear Statement of Purpose is the first step in creating an effective Internet Project.  Articulating your goals and objectives provides a foundation for your project, a reference point which keeps your project focused on meeting your business or organizational needs.

The more clarity you have about your specific objectives the more effective your project will be.   Lost Coast Computing can assist you in developing a written project plan, specific to your needs.  In most cases a project plan for a website has two phases: Website Development and Project Implementation.

The Website Development Plan articulates project objectives, identifies necessary resources, and outlines the overall structure, content requirements, interactive mechanisms, and technical specifications for your project.  Writing a Website Development Plan is a collaborative effort between the developer, and the client.  The Website Development Plan timeline specifies Lost Coast Computing's responsibilities for project deliverables as well as your responsibilities as a client.  

The Project Implementation Plan specifies resources required for ongoing maintenance and updates as well as descriptions of in-house or outsourced workflow responsibilities including project/product promotion and handling online information requests and product orders. If necessary, training costs for in-house personnel in the necessary technical skills for promotion, website updates, discussion group moderation, and/or mailing list management can be estimated as part of the Project Implementation Plan.   If you prefer, Lost Coast Computing is available to manage your site for you.

Our client guidePreparing for your Website, is aimed at helping our clients to maximize their input to the development process and minimize their costs.