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Website Development

When the planning phase is over, and the necessary content and graphics have been gathered or developed, it is time to execute the actual structure, scripting, and coding for your site. To give you some idea of the choices we offer we put together these descriptions of three different starter website solutions.  Custom solutions are available.

Basic Home Page

Professional Web Site

Small Business Web Site

For a relatively small investment any small business or organization can have an internet presence that is as effective as a major corporate website.

Part of realizing this potential is integrating the use of technical resources such as interactive forms, email, discussion groups, database development, and mailing list software with your website presentation.  You may also require specific services such as graphic design, site management, or training in site management skills to maximize the effectiveness of your website. We specialize in assisting small businesses and organizations to realize the dynamic, interactive, communication potential of the World Wide Web.